Mar. 22nd, 2007

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Let me say to begin with that I am properly psyched to go see Spamalot in Philly this weekend. We picked up the soundtrack a while back (when we were on vacation with Amy's parents in Hawaii - woo). I had mixed feeling about how something as magical as "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" would fare when turned into a stage production, but listening to the soundtrack totally won me over. Amy got tickets for both for the occasion of my birthday last January, and this weekend marks the big day. We'll go to an afternoon showing, then walk down to Roy's for a phenomenal dinner together. After that, we'll crash at her sister's house so we can spend some time with her family on Sunday.

In other King Arthur related news, I now have a part in the local community theatre's production of Camelot. I had my first audition on Monday, then had callbacks on Wednesday. Officially, we're supposed to hear back about casting today or tomorrow, but as I was leaving last night, I passed the director in the parking lot and started chatting with him. (I was mentioning how singing through "The Lusty Month of May" got Jonathan Coulton's "First of May" [Warning: NSFW text & audio] stuck in my head.) He told me that despite the fact that nothing was being announced tonight, he had already decided most of his characters and wanted me to be Sir Lionel. He liked how I willing I was to jump through all the strange drama hoops they put you through at auditions ("Lay on the stage and become the element of water. Good, now interact with each of these other elements..."), and thought I seemed to have a lot of energy and presence. As Sir Lionel, I'm one of the top three knights who take on Lancelot. Sir Lionel ends up actually first getting killed in the fight with Lancelot, and then brought back to life by Lancelot. The director said I had a very honest and kind face, and letting the audience see me (who they will no doubt be generally rooting for) get killed will do the maximum damage. So hey, after 15 years out of the theatre, I get not only a bit in a play, but a part that has speaking and singing lines, dancing, sword-fighting, and a death scene. Yayyy me! Now, we just Amy to come be my groupie and work backstage, and we'll have some fun over the next couple of months when we're not working on the yard.


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