Jun. 5th, 2007

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First off, I must say I am very excited about Camelot. We finally ran the whole show last night. We met at 6, started running the show at 6:30, took a 30-minute intermission, and finished the whole thing around 11:30. So now we figure out how to speed up scene changes and give electro-shock to dragging dialogue so that we can trim and hour & a half off of show time (otherwise we keep evening-show audience members there until 1am). There is a reason this is called hell-week. My schedule for the week will be something like this:

1> Wake up around 6:30 (not so early that I don’t get any sleep, but not so late that I don’t get any time with Amy).
2> Get to work by 8:00
3> Leave work at 4:00
4> Get home around 4:30
5> Eat dinner with Amy, fix hair & make-up, gather stuff, and leave by 5:30
6> Run play and listen to notes
7> Get home around midnight
8> Clean tights in sink, hang up
9> Wave to Amy & collapse in bed
8> Lather, rinse, repeat

I am sooooo sleeping in this Saturday. For some people this might not be too crazy of a schedule, but it means I don't get anything else done in my life or around our house, and it means that Amy & I have hardly any time to spend together each day. You have to understand how important it is to me to come home every day and spend every possible second with Amy to grasp exactly how disrupting this all is.

I feel like I'm involved in the whole play. Although my part isn't that huge, I'm also handling a lot of set piece changes, which means I hang out in the wings a lot when everyone else wanders off to the green room. After making sure I memorized all my lines, lyrics, dance steps, and blocking, now I'm trying to wrap my head around where I have to be and when in order to make sure all my stuff is moved correctly.

The costumes are really incredible, although I believe we’ll be finding a new pair of leg-ware for me. They got me nude tights to match my gold-colored vest, but everyone, including the directing staff, agrees that the color is so close to my skin tone that I often look like I’m just wandering around on stage with no pants. o_O

Well, I should get back to the grindstone so I don’t disrupt my delicate schedule. I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it’s going when I get the chance.


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