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First off, taxes are finally on their way. I prefer to be done by now, but stuff came up (besides life stuff, I couldn't find last year's return and needed some data from it to finish this year's return...and of course Maryland requires data from your federal return rather than your W-2s like a reasonable state). Anyhow, we're not getting close to the windfall of last year, but at least it's in the positive direction, so that'll be nice. I'd like to thank the IRS for going out of its way to constantly remind me to claim my Federal Telephone Excise Tax credit. It may only be an extra $40, but now it's my extra $40.

I would now like to use this space to make two complaints, or air some pet peeves if you will. First of all, why is it that every time I go to Wal-Mart, I look at the long lines in the normal check-out aisles and pass them up to go to the short self check-out aisles. Now, I like self check-out aisles (although I have to give Amy a hard time for wanting to use them every time we go grocery shopping). However, it seems that I have the worst luck with them, but only at Wal-Marts. I always end up behind someone who has apparently never used one before and must slowly read every word on the screen before scanning each and every item. Then, they can't figure out how to use any of the payment options or have forgotten money altogether. You probably know I'm an extremely patient fellow. I don't get upset easily at people who are unfamiliar with technology, but how does this happen every time I go to the store?!? Yes, that's a petty peeve, but when your next in line and you still have to wait 15 minutes, it's gets a little frustrating.

My other peeve of the moment is with TV show DVDs. We signed up with Netflix a while back, and have really been enjoying watching TV shows that never played on channels we watched, or we didn't know to look out for originally. It's great if for no other reason that you can easily cancel the rest of the series if you find you don't like it. Sometimes, you find some real gems. For instance, I totally love Dead Like Me. It's from the mind of the same guy that brought us Wonderfalls and the similarities are numerous. I'd highly recommend it to any of you. Mighty fine show! So, anyway, on to the pet peeve. It is one more television DVD series that puts all of the deleted scenes from the entire season on the first disk. What is up with that? The new Doctor Who season is doing the same thing. That's well and good for people who own the box set, but why would you number the DVDs, and then make viewers have to watch them out of order so that they don't spoil anything for themselves?

Yeah, ok, those are fairly colossally petty annoyances, but sometimes it's only the little things that truly drive you up the wall.
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