R.I.P. #30

Sep. 11th, 2007 03:48 pm
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I'm still experiencing a fair amount of dull pain in my jaw. After a largely unsuccessful life, #30 (my lower right front-most molar) finally went terminal. In the 25 years or so since it replaced its baby-tooth forbearer, it's had a couple of silver fillings, a porcelain filling, a crown, and a root canal. Anyhow, at some point, decay got into the space between the tooth and the crown and completely ate it away. There was no pain since it had already had a root canal, so the first I knew of it was my crown coming loose. I went to the dentist to have the crown re-glued or whatever only to find that there was no tooth surface to which the crown could stick. Basically every bit of the tooth down to the gum line had decayed. The crown merely prevented me from removing it at all, so the decay had free reign. Don't you love preventative medicine that makes things worse?

Anyhow, I had the tooth yanked last week, and now I'm dealing with taking care of an empty socket until the bone in my jaw can regrow and fill in the space left by the roots. Then, I'll go back and have a hollow, screw-like metal bar drilled into my jaw so I can get a permanent implant. I like the way implants are done - there's nothing to ever have to take out of your mouth and clean. All replacement parts literally grow into your bone structure and become part of your body. So, right now I'm only a couple of months away from becoming a cyborg. Woohoo!

Although, it's really annoying to be in some level of constant pain and have to worry every time I eat that nothing gets stuck in there, one huge advantage of having #30 ripped out is that the hideous constant taste in my mouth is gone. Amy & I have been trying to figure out what was wrong for quite a while. I generally carry around 5 or so different breath control products, especially since Amy has a much more finely tuned sense of smell than anyone else I know. Now I know why my breath was getting so bad. Something really literally was rotting inside my mouth. Yeach! I suppose the bad breath should have been a warning sign to get my teeth looked at more closely, but I've been getting regular exams, and noone ever noticed a problem. Silly people. Anyhow, the horrible smell/taste thing is gone, and now that the hole is healing, that constant flavor of iron is gone as well. It's so wonderful to finally have a non-nasty feeling mouth. I'm sure Amy appreciates it as well. :)

So, no pictures to gross you out or anything, but I just thought I should throw out some kind of update on what's going on with my health. I hate losing a tooth before I'm even 35, but hopefully this will help the rest of my oral health.
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