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Ok, seriously. Whay doesn't this ever happen when I go to the beach?

NYC's sewers overflowing and washing down to my beach? Yes.

A container filled with thousands of perfectly good bags of Doritos falls off a ship, breaks open and washes up on the shore? Never. Not once!

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CBS's "How I Met Your Mother" is one of those bright spots on the Television wastelandscape. The cast works so well together, and Neil Patrick Harris' "Suit Up" even got picked by TV Land as one of it's 100 Greatest Catchphrases.

Anyhoo, last week's episode featured one of the major characters revealing herself to be a teenage Canadian one-shot-wonder pop-star. Clips of her video were played during the show, and were hillarious, but CBS was kind enough to release the whole video on its web site including a surprise appearance by former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. He dances quite well for a world leader.

If you've never seen the show, you really should, but don't fear, the following clip doesn't need any prior knowledge of the characters to enjoy it:

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Watching Regina Spektor just makes me so insanely happy. Allow me to share...

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Here's part one of my amazingly long cruise synopsis. Synopsis seems to no longer apply, come to think of it. I wrote this after we got back and then gave it to Amy so that she could add thoughts of her own. You'll find little "Amy says" comments in bracketed italics interspersed with mine. This feels much more like a conversation now than a talk, so I'm really happy with how it came out, and I think it will be much more enjoyable for you to read. If you read through it, you definitely deserve a warm cookie, fresh from the oven. Amy will post some pictures later in her journal (of the cruise that is...not of warm, fresh cookies).

First off, let me say that this would probably not have been possible without Amy's parents paying for a big chunk of our cruise. We had a wonderful time, and I'm so thankful that they helped us to join them.


I took a half day off from work on Friday so that we could pack up the car and get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. (We just had no idea how much.) [Amy - I've never understood Douglas Adams' statement about how no one in the world has ever used the phrase 'As pretty as an airport...' more than when we spent WAY too many hours just sitting around in an airport.] We stopped at Chick-Fil-A outside of Baltimore for a reasonably fast meal for which we would not have to pay airport prices [Amy - Although, I ended up paying airport prices for a cup of coffee at about 10:30pm, so that I didn't fall over..and basically ended up paying aforementioned unbelievable amounts of money for the WorseCupOfCoffeeEverMade.], and by 5:30, we were parked in long-term-parking [Amy - Actually it was one of the OutsideTheAirportParkingPlacesThatRunYouToTheAirportInAShuttle that I found an online deal with, which ended up being a rather nice and cheap place to leave the car.], through the security checkpoint, and sitting at our gate. Loads of time to relax with books before out 7:20 flight, right? Well, we soon found out that a "problem" had been discovered with our plane at its previous stop. [Amy - It's always a little bit unnerving when you are told your previous airplane had some major technological difficulty and hence cannot fly you anywhere. I mean, I'm glad they found this out before it is flying me a few thousand feet in the air, but it starts putting 'technological and mechanical difficulty' ideas in my head, ya know?] So, they had to find a new one. To make a long story short, our 7:20 flight finally left the airport at 10:45. [Amy - I did weirdly find out that my cell phone makes incredibly good phone posts from inside airports. Who would have thought?]

Cut so as not to completely fill your Friends Page... )
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If you've been reading Amy's journal, you probably already know that I got my ear re-pierced this weekend. I originally had it done back in the summer of '93. I went out to some place in the mall like Claire's and had it done with a gun. Eek. After watching Amy get all of her piercings lately with a needle, I finally understand how much better that is for you. But such is youth. Anyhow, I kept it for about a year, finally letting it grow back in when I took a "professional" part-time job.

So, if you've done the math, you'll see that I haven't had an earring for a little over 12 years. I talked some with Amy about getting a new one, and, after making sure there wasn't an official policy at my work against it, decided to go for it. Amy was super supportive and encouraging about everything, as always. *smooch to the Floaty One*

When we got to Infinite Body Piercing on Sunday, during a day out with [livejournal.com profile] firinel, [livejournal.com profile] marnanel, & [livejournal.com profile] riordon. Amy & Fin came into the room with me (Amy was getting another earring after me). I figured my old hole would have closed up long ago, but upon some examination, it seems most of it was totally open, and there was just a thin membrane in the back. So, yay for not even needing to pay for a piercing. Instead of a needle, I got a taper piercing which could push through the little flap of skin and stretch it slightly all in one go. So that the new ring had a little more size to it, I got a 16 gauge, and it really does look better on me than the smaller diameters. (Amy insists that I forswear my old use of studs, even little diamond ones with my purple suit.) The really good news is that since it didn't have to be re-pierced, my healing time's only about a week or so rather than 6-8 weeks.

It makes me happy to have one again, and all the reactions I've gotten so far have been positive. So, woo! I enjoy just feeling the weight and pull of it, and I like the look a lot. Here's one of the photos Amy posted (sorry to some of you for the repeat). You'll notice I'm also growing in my beard a bit. I'd like to keep it trimmed to around my jawline and see how that looks. I know if I let it grow all the way in, I look like I should be an English teacher. I might shave off part of the goatee once "the scruff" is in, just as long as I don't look too Amish. ;) We'll see.

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I'm not gonna talk about the elections yet until results are a little more finalized. I feel pretty satisfied so far though. :)

So, let me mention that a post about last week's vacation will be forthcoming if you've found yourself on pins and needles every day waiting for that. In the meantime, let me share some wonderful free entertainment from our friends at National Public Radio.

The most recent "All Songs Considered" show focuses on "Weird Al" Yankovic. It includes an extended interview with him along with clips from several tracks on the new album and favorite song picks of his. It also gives Al's official account of what happened with the "You're Beautiful" cover.

"All Songs Considered" is in general such a great program. Especially since you can easily listen to the show for free along with all the archived ones. For over a year now, they've also been recording artists that appeared at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. All of those recordings are freely streamable as well. Here's a few suggestions if you have several free hours that you need to fill:

Each link above will take you to a webpage about the show with info about the group, a setlist, and links to listen in Real Audio or Windows Media (some of them have the show for download as well).
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Wow the things you learn from Get Fuzzy...

And, following Rob's advice, I found several articles on the fact the Yoplait yogurt as well as many other products (e.g. Tropicana Grapefruit Juice) use heated, crushed cochineal beetles and their eggs to get the yummy red color for their products [confirmed by Snopes].

Besides the fact that I now have no idea how many beetles I've eaten, it reminds of the time when McDonalds was caught using animal by-products to cook their french fries. It's tough to be a strick vegetarian these days, apparently.

[Side note: the whole thing keeps making me think of the "Crunchy Frog" chocolate shop sketch from Monty Python.]
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Happy Autumn, Everyone!

Hurray for weather in which I feel happy to walk outside. I really think I have some kind of Reverse Seasonal Affection Disorder. I get so miserable throughout summer. Then as soon as it starts getting cold & dark, my spirit just comes alive. My apologies to all of you who are the opposite.

Last night Amy & I celebrated the Autumnal Equinox as it arrived at 4:03am. We got sky-clad and performed nature and resurrection rites to welcome the season...okay, so we went to sleep (the embrace of Somnus, mimicking death and rebirth), woke up in the middle of the night to take off our clothes since 67F (19.5C) still felt too hot for us, and kept passing the kitty back and forth between our laps as we tried to sleep (link with animals expressing a cyclical pattern). Alright, it's not much of a rite, but it's one I can fully endorse.
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Well, I suppose it's that time to put out some kind of update for my own life.

The court appearance went well. You'll remember how I was wrongly accused of a seat belt violation by an officer who mistook the act of laying down my cell phone for buckling my seat belt. *sigh* I appeared a while back in court during the oppressive heat wave (the court has no air conditioning, naturally). However, after being there for a couple of hours, I was told that Maryland handles its federal cases differently, and despite the fact that my summons says that I must appear in court that day, it lies. Your first appearance in court, you are offered a plea agreement for about 50-60% of your ticket fine amount. If you chose to apeear before the judge, you must come back at least a month later. Anyhoo, I waited through another couple of hours before my case was dismissed. (The officer declined to oppose my defense.) So, yay! That's all over at least.

In local politics, William Donald Shaefer got defeated for Maryland comptroller in the primaries, so whoever wins in November, at least it won't be him. Things only got worse after my last post about him. He started making fun of his female opponent's sense of style, calling her seceral names. Then, when asked if his apology was sincere, he suddenly broke into song. Um...yeah. I like my leaders with a sense of humor, but I think he was just plain crazy.

Tonight, we're going to an open house for the local theatre group. We'll see what they're like. It's been probably 15 years since I acted in anything, so I'm more interested in behind-the-scenes stuff or small bits - something to just get my feet wet again.

We're still creaping up on the cruise. It'll be a welcome break. I'm looking forward to loads of snorkling and relaxing evenings.

I have recenty finished "When the Women were Drummers: A Spiritual History of Rhythm" and the Dalai Lama's "The Universe in a Single Atom: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality." Both were truly fascinating reads. I've really been enjoying reading about religion lately, varying quests for real truth (not just subjective truth), and understanding where they originally come from (that spark in pre-history that made us all start looking for something more). Fortunately, we have several more books in our library I can go through before I have to cast a wider net.
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Congratulations to Pluto for keeping its planetary status and a hearty welcome to the three new planet of our solar system!

Provided the IAU adopts the recently released proposals, we now have 12 planets, and most likely many more on the way. Besides the current 9, Charon is now a planet. Charon used to be considered Pluto's satellite, but since they are about the same size and orbit a common point between them, they are now a binary planet system. Xena becomes the farthest planet of the solar system (Ok, technically it's still called "2003 UB313" but that's a crappy name, and the guy who discovered it calls it Xena, so I do too. :P ). The planetary order (and all of the mnemonic rhymes) gets thrown off by adding Ceres to the list of planets in between Mars & Jupiter. All of you get to work on coming up with new rhymes for kids to remember the planetary order!

Our new planet list is:

Again, welcome to the family! (You know, this might explain why so many astrology charts are wrong - they haven't been taking all the planets into account.)
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If you don't want to hear me vent about Maryland state politics, just pass on by.

Ok, seriously, how is William Donald Schaefer still leading the polls for Maryland comptroller?

I know many people liked him as governor. Although there was the time when he called the Maryland Eastern Shore an outhouse. (Way to reach out to the whole state.) But since he's been comptroller, it's been astounding.

First there are his views on immigrants. He used the Public Works meeting to rail against a worker at McDonalds who was struggling to speak proper English. Then, he criticized a program that would help immigrant children learn English (a program required by and almost entirely funded by the federal government). Ok, so he thinks immigrants should speak perfect English, but doesn't think we should teach them? During his critique of the children's English program, he suddenly started ranting about Korea and whether Korean children would benefit from it, apparently not understanding that North & South Korea are two entirely different countries ("Korea’s another one, all of a sudden they're our friends too, shooting missiles at us").

Then, there are his views on women. He made national news earlier this year when, during another Public Works meeting, he called a female aide back to his table so that he could watch her walk away again. His response to criticism was, "She's a pretty little girl. She ought to be damn happy that I observed her going out the door. The day I don't look at pretty women is the day I die." When a female reporter questioned him about the English language program, his response was to call her "a sweet little girl." (He's apparently known for referring to all women with whom he works as "little girls.") Then, he recently dismissed a female candidate running against him, saying he wouldn't debate her because he "wouldn't debate her on how to bake a chocolate cake."

There's also the fact that he's said that all people with AIDS "brought it on themselves." For years, he has called for a public registry of HIV-positive residents because "As far as I'm concerned, people who have AIDS are a danger...people should be able to know who has AIDS."

So again I ask, how is he still leading in the polls? Do the citizens of Maryland hate immigrants, women, and those suffering from incurable disease?

You know, this is why politics annoys me at all levels. I just get upset so much these days every time I hear something else in the news. *sigh* Oh well, that's my bitch for the day.


Jul. 3rd, 2006 09:15 am
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So, I woke up this morning to a tremendous boom. It seems we had a violent electrical storm pass through. It was gone in 20 minutes, but it threw a few breakers that I had to reset, and it looks like we took some damage from it as well. The computers & TV and all fine, but one of the garage doors doesn't work (light works, but door doesn't move) - also, my VoIP doesn't register any power at all, which means no home phone until we get a new box from AT&T. Also, I couldn't get our desktop up on a direct link from the cable modem, but the laptop works just fine - so the desktop's Ethernet may need to be replaced as well.

Oh, the joys of filling your house with electronics.
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I really haven't been up to writing too much serious stuff lately. I'll have to put out a big what's-going-on post. I'll say to begin with that , in case anyone is worried, we're not getting flooded where we are (yet). We did get warnings at work today that the Conowingo Dam near us is opening up 30 gates today to let out some of the water flowing down from Pennsylvania. Some flooding in the low-lying areas along the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay are expected, but we should be alright where we are for now.

Anyhow, what I wanted to share was the following video. It's a couple of years old, so you may have seen it before, but it's new to me, so I'm passing it along. Check out this link to see a brilliantly crafted video combining speeches from President George W. Bush with music to create a very catchy cover of "Sunday Bloody Sunday." I'm really surprised at how well it worked and how cool it sounded. Hearing Bush in this sing-song context reminds me of the William Shatner albums.
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Welcome to Cool Shit You Probably Didn't Know.

The cool shit I bring you today is the tiger pistol shrimp.

You'll notice the two different sized claws. One is a pincher while the other is a snapper. They live in sponges, mate for life, share symbiotic relationships with gobies, and have a highly developed social caste structure similar to ants. But none of that is really why I thought this animal was so cool.

What I find fascinating is that its snapper claw is actually a sonic weapon. When snapped together (a process that takes 300 microseconds), water is forced from the claw at speeds of up to 62 mph (100 kph). This creates a low-pressure bubble which, when stabilizing, produces a loud bang or pop sound. Along with the noise, enough energy is created that low-level light is produced, a biologically unique occurrence now referred to as (I kid you not) shrimpoluminescence. The level of light indicates that for a brief instant the temperature at the claw is being raised to at least 5000 degrees Kelvin (comparable to the outer layers of the sun). This shockwave produces noises in excess of 200 decibels which can stun or outrightly kill small fish and can break glass. When whole colonies snap together, sonar devices are unable to spot submarines.

And you thought horror movies featuring giant mutant shrimp couldn't possibly be scary.
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I really do need to write a real post here soon. Maybe I'll try to do that tomorrow. But, as a place holder until I can follow up with an actual post about my actual life, I leave you this new little gem from Weird Al. He just announced the free, digital, not-to-appear-on-the-next-album release of a track called "You're Pitiful" as a parody of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful." You know, the first time I saw that video, I kept thinking how very much he looks like Neil Gaiman. Anyway, Al's song is available in a bunch of places, but for the sake of brevity, I will just list this one.
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Starting last weekend, we've been having major problems with our home PC. The fonts would be messed up along with other visual elements. Downloaded files sometimes appeared to get corrupted. Then we started getting hit with multiple BSODs: bad pool errors, messed up IRQ errors, faulty driver errors. Then, when (read: if) the computer successfully rebooted, we'd get a message that part of our registry had been corrupted and had been restored from a previous version.

First thing I did was run about 3 different virus checkers. This was difficult, as the computer would often hang during the scan and throw up another BSOD. When they did complete, they didn't find anything. I tried a couple of spyware checkers which also found nothing.

Not comforting. I really don't like unknowns when it comes to my computer. The computer at this point was entirely unusable. Thank goodness for the archaic Windows 98 laptop.

Our old disk drive died a few months ago. So, fearing the hard disk failure had returned to haunt us, I scanned the disk with a few different tools. When they were able to complete without crashing the system, they also found nothing. Grrrrr.

So, after submersing myself in a few different online tech forums, I found a few suggestions and went off to troubleshoot again. I quickly found the problem and returned my computer to perfect operating status (at least so far). Do you know what it was? Huh? Any idea what corrupted every running program and tormented me so for days on end? Take a guess. Go on.

Nope, you're wrong. It was dust. Mother fucking bad-ass dust, to be exact. I cleaned the inside of my computer case about 3 months ago. Since then, we vacuum, one or two times a week with a kick-ass vacuum, but it had still gotten dusty inside. To be specific, some dust had gotten into the contacts of the memory sticks. When I pulled out the RAM, blew them and the motherboard off with some compressed air, and replaced everything, the computer booted up and ran flawlessly. Problems this bad should be caused by some brand new top of the line virus or worm that no one has seen before, not a few flecks of dust inside your case.

So, big thanks to memtest86+ for making a bootable utility to scan memory. I ran it, before opening the case, and it found over 190,000 memory errors. Umm, yeah. So, thankfully, it was just dust and not a bad memory strip. Also kudos go to Tune-Up 2006, which has a feature to correct registry errors and was able to permanently restore the faulty segments of the registry so I stopped getting the annoying registry restored error message when I booted up.

Anywho, I just wanted to share my frustration with everyone. And also to point out the ridiculousness of science fiction movies where the computers suddenly spring to life, working perfectly after thousands of years. Yeah, that's going to happen.
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Children being born into
A time of searching for some glory
And the lie's still repeating through the years
Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori

It's hard to live
It's harder than it's ever been before
The things that used to comfort me
Don't comfort me, not anymore

But you can't spend your whole life
Waiting for God to kiss you
You can't spend your whole life
Waiting for God to kiss you back

-"Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori" by Regina Spektor


All the subway cars were hallelu-leluing
Welcome back the baby king, the baby king
All the believers they were smiling
And winking at each other
I could honestly say I was scared for my life

They said, "All the non-believers, they get to eat dirt
And the believers get to spit on their graves."

-"Baby Jesus" by Regina Spektor
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Yet again, it's been forever since I did anything real with my own journal. So, here's a "quick" update.


Amy & I went to see Wicked in Philly a little while back, and it was incredible. It's been a while since we've gotten to see a professional musical, which is a little surprising since we used to go so often. At any rate, I'd heard the CD over and over, but hearing the songs performed live really made them more meaningful. Plus, it's nearly impossible to understand the full plot of the play from just the soundtrack (you also miss the fact that Glinda is quite the cheerleader on speed). The costuming and sets were simply breathtaking...it was a spectacle all around. Two thumbs way up! Interestingly, on the night we went, the role of Elphaba's talking-goat-teacher from school was performed by K. Todd Freeman, who played the recurring role of Mr. Trick on Buffy the Vampire Slayer's third season. (I felt silly reading through the soundtrack liner notes the first time, as I had never picked up on the fact that the Wicked Witch's name in the book/play, Elphaba, was created by combining the sounds of L. Frank Baum's initials.)

We got our tickets a little over three months ahead of time, so naturally there were almost no seats left. I found some on the floor, but in the slightly raised area on the side where we were next to a pole. It didn't block our view at all fortunately, so no loss there. It turned out to be some of the best seats we've ever had for a play. Also, the sound quality is much better down there. We've been on the second & third balconies before to see other shows, and we could barely understand anything at all. We'll definitely have to stay lower from now on.

New Music:

Everything is coming out soon. I'm waiting expectantly for new albums from Stuart Davis, The Dresden Dolls, Regina Spektor, as well as a couple of others. The Dresden Dolls CD came out this week actually, but we ordered it from Amazon and need to wait for it to arrive. When I get new albums, I always have to find time to devote my full attention to them. I can't put a new album on (at least one I've been waiting to hear), and just listen to it in the background while I do something else. That'll just bug some deep part of me. No, I have to set aside a little time with the album and the lyrics sheets and take in all the music and lyrics to the best of my ability...maybe light a few candles...pour a couple of glasses of wine. You get the idea. At least the first time anyway. I don't want to half hear or half understand music from an artist I know I respect. Until I can really listen, I try to avoid hearing it at all. Crazy? Yes, but not the scary kind. (At least I like to think so.)

We went to the Regina Spektor show at the TLA last weekend, and it was phenominal. That she can perform so amazingly with only a keyboard, a guitar, a drumstick, and a chair boggles the mind. I kept watching her hands while she played and was astonished that she's not even playing very many chords. It's mostly just single notes to add to the sound of her voice a little. Wow! She's one, like the Indigo Girls, that I could sit and listen to all night long, never wanting the concert to end. I know the album coming out has a lot more instrumentation than normal, but what I've heard already still keeps me excited that nothing is going to overwhelm that beautiful alto voice of hers.

Confounding puzzles

Amy & I picked up one of our puzzles again. We used to work on puzzles all the time a few years ago, but I don't even remember the last one we did. Right now, we're putting together a puzzle with no borders, 5 extra pieces that we know won't fit anywhere, recurring patterns, and the actual puzzle image isn't displayed anywhere on the box for you to compare it with. Now that's a challenge. It's been fun to flop on the floor together and work on it a little each night. We can put on music and drink tea and talk while working on this in the background. We normally talk all the time anyway. Talking with Amy is one of the things I look forward to every time I'm stuck at work or she's out visiting people. But, it's also nice to work on something fun while we talk. Besides, every time we play any of our games - any of them - she seriously kicks my ass, so it's nice to be on the same side.

Puzzles are one of those things that keep my brain feeling stimulated. I really enjoy watching them slowly take shape. Plus, working on them makes use of my tendency (usually seen only while gaming) to finish every last bit of something - and put it into something fun for both of us. (Not that finding every jewel, trophy, coin, or whatever in every game I play isn't fun for me, but the rabid, pointless obsession is somewhat lost on Amy).


Unlike this time last year, we actually have grass. This is a big source of joy for me. Sure, it still has patches here and there, but they're small, and I know we'll get them fixed with a little more time. It took nearly five years to get the yard at our old house in great shape, so I'll see this thing through as long as it takes (although sooner is always preferable to later). The fact that our house is built on top of a swampy bog and all of our soil is clay the consistency of Silly Putty tends not to help matters much. I just want to do what I can now while the temperatures are not unbearable or the lawn too dried out to improve.

Amy, as always, has done a terrific job planning out our flower beds. I love watching all our plantings from last year raise their heads again - seeing each one burst back to life. I'm very excited by the new acquisitions this year as well. It'll be wonderful when the new plants get settled in and start to spread out. I think our garden has a terrific amount of potential. Plus, giving up on the red cedar mulch we've always used and going entirely over to black licorice root was a stroke of genius on her part. Everything looks much better everywhere. I always used to enjoy the color of the cedar, but it faded rather quickly and tended to wash away quite easily. The licorice root looks much more natural and sets off the color of the plants and flowers much better.

Anywho, that's all for now. I'll try not to be a stranger so much, but I'm not making any guarantees.
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Ok. Seriously. Yeah.

I caught a story on NPR this morning about the growth of the sport of Chess Boxing, and I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't just seen video of a match. Um...yeah.

So, it seems the point is to battle through 11 rounds alternating between 6 rounds of chess, each 4 minutes long, and 5 rounds of boxing, each 2 minutes long. You have 1 minute in between rounds to change your equipment. The idea seems to be to combine the most physically demanding sport with the most mentally demanding sport and watch the fun that insues.

You win with either a checkmate or a knock-out. In cases of a stalemate, the winner is determined by points assigned during the boxing rounds. In case of a points-tie, the player using the black chess pieces automatically wins.

I think I'm suffering from shock & awe right now. You know, soon we'll be seeing Chess Boxing video games to catch onto the trend.
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It seems that They Might Be Giants are an integral part of Dunkin Donuts' new ad campaign: America Runs On Dunkin'. There's 2 commercials on their web page right now, each with a different original TMBG song. "Things I like to do" was a neatly done commercial. I enjoyed the cinematography of it, and am amused that Dunkin Donuts is working hard to change "we sell high-carb products" into "we provide you with loads of energy." While "Pleather" is much shorter, I think I liked it more for the humorous aspect. Although, I wonder where those guys got full iced coffees on the beach. There's no Dunkin Donuts store in sight, but the ice hasn't even begun to melt. Hmmm...maybe they kept full cups in their cooler to enjoy on the way home. Yeah, I know, way to much thought into that.

I always enjoy seeing TMBG get to make some money on random projects, and I'm always surprised when I hear their music in random places. Although I probably shouldn't after they made the music for Play-Dough's Dodo Island commercials, Diet Dr. Pepper's parody commercials, a Chrysler commercial, a Gap Kids commercial, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, America's Most Wanted, Brave New World, Life 360, Resident Life, Amazing Vacation Homes, Austin Powers 2, Malcolm in the Middle, The Oblongs, Higglytown Heroes, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (just to name a few). Yeah, I don't think they're hurting for work right now.

I'll be seeing them before long at the TLA and I'm curious what they're set-list will be. They've been putting loads of new songs on their podcasts, but not all of them are terribly good, so we'll see how things go.

I've got a bunch of other stuff I need to post about, but we'll just have to get to that a little later.
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